Factory Warranty

The conclusion of our guarantee solution is also possible after expiry of the factory warranty (with a waiting period of 45 days).


In the event of a claim, you do not have to pay a deductible. There are no unexpected costs to calculate after completion.


Insurable up to 200'000 km, labor costs are always covered 100%, depreciation on material from 100'000 km.

Best Protection

The biggest risks for damage or defects to your vehicle are covered, some examples can be found below.


The guarantee services are provided throughout Europe for you. We protect you uncomplicated and fast, wherever you are.

That is what eMobility riders say:

Fortunately, my sunroof broke during the factory warranty. The repair costs of over CHF 2'000.- I would have had to pay myself. For such and similar cases I will buy the eMobile guarantee.

Sven K. from A.

The door handles of my Model S were a recurring problem. Even after expiry of the factory warranty, the defect occurred constantly. With the eMobile guarantee these repairs would have been insured.

CF from Aarau

The display of my Model X has a yellow border. This is irritating in the navigation and is just not nice looking. With the eMobile Warranty, the replacement of the display would also be paid even after the factory warranty.

Stephan Schwarz, Volketswil